Welcome to what could well be a life saving collection of information for a vast majority

of you. Are you taking vitamin supplements? Are you taking herbs and herbal extracts?

Do you know how these products are manufactured? Are you aware that the so called

supplement industry has a dark side? This dark side will take advantage of your

ignorance. Most of you have no well thought out strategy to guide you on this journey of

taking supplements to enhance your health. Make no mistake unless you have a

rational strategy and understand the alternative medicine industry you are likely doing

yourself great harm and receiving little benefit for your time energy and hard earned

money. DID YOU HEAR THAT. Doing harm to yourself while believing you are actually

doing something to benefit your health. The whole vitamin, herbs and supplements industry

is big business and big business does not care about you and your health. What they

care about is making money. If you derive some benefit from the product, then good for

you. If you get no benefit, then too bad. If you do harm to yourself, itʼs on you. But never

fear DrZ is here to bring scientific and rational thought back into what should be a

natural approach to health and well being. Caution treacherous roads ahead !!

Stop Killing Your Selves

How can supplements harm you. Let me count the ways. Go get a high quality

supplement of any kind. The better ones come in veggie caps. Some come in gelatin

caps especially if they are liquid at room temperature. Now most importantly read the

ingredients. Do you see words like binders fillers flowing agents. The most popular

flowing agents are magnesium stearate and stearic acid. And they are toxic. Take a

minute and look them up. Some of these require transport in specialized trucks

designed specifically for toxic chemicals. The famous skull and bones symbol displayed

on the side of the truck. They are added to the supplement and are required to list that

ingredient on the label. Why would these companies adulterate a perfectly good herbal

supplement ? Because they assist the machinery involved in the processing of putting the

supplements into the veggie cap. They keep the machinery from getting gummed up and

ultimately means faster processing and more product. Less down time. Less cleaning

time. More profit. I just threw out what I thought was an all natural potentiated bee

pollen supplement imported from New Zealand. Why? Because it contained Gelatin,

Magnesium stearate, rice flour. I wanted a high quality potentiated bee pollen product.

Nothing more. No additives no chemicals no flowing agents not gelatin or other

chemicals. Thatʼs not what I got. I would have been better off taking nothing. That

product is now in the garbage where it belongs.

Reading The Listed Ingredients

Read the labels folks. READ the labels!! This could save your life. No one knowingly

goes on a supplement program to do harm to themselves, but unfortunately for many

that is exactly the case. For those of you smart enough to read this article you will not

be following the general publicʼs ignorant thinking that all supplements are created the

same. They are not. I would go on to announce that most companies that make vitamin

and herbal supplements do a poor job of it. This is unacceptable. I had a patient who

heard one of my lectures on the naturopathic approach to health. She was very

interested and began buying supplements. Vitamin D, Vitamin E, B complex vitamins, a

so called super green formulation as well as fish oil. She demanded to know if she was

on the right path. She handed me the bag of vitamin supplements and I pulled out a

Vitamin D3 supplement. I read the ingredients aloud. “ Soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin,

corn oil (likely GMO) artificial caramel color, Cod Liver oil, Cholecalciferol. She had a

proud look on her face. She expected one hundred percent approval from her mentor

and doctor. I had only one word to say; “JUNK”. You see she had spent hours doing the

research (misguided as it was) on which were the highest quality and best vitamins to

take. She then proceeded to invest hundreds of dollars on these expensive

supplements. Her joy turned to sorrow. I then asked her was she interested in getting

healthy, really healthy? Was she interested in the truth or would she rather live in

fantasy land like most of us do. The following is a consolidation of what I imparted to her

so she would never be ripped off and poison herself again taking so called “vitamins”

The Great Vitamin Hoax

I stopped taking isolates of vitamins years ago. This was after extensive research into

how vitamins are manufactured, where they come from and what is added to them. I

learned from a fellow colleague who believed haphazardly taking vitamin supplements

willy nilly and in as high a dosage as he could get his hands on was not the way to go.

Before his tragic death I counted at least 20 vitamin pills he was taking daily. I strongly

advised him to stop. Three years later he developed a bleeding ulcer had surgery but

ultimately passed away a few weeks later. This health professional had not only added

toxins to his system for years, but actually because of the ʻhigh potencyʼ of the vitamins

he had begun a process of disrupting the mucosal lining of his stomach and duodenum.

He actually burned a hole in his stomach and it could not be repaired. So the first rule in

developing a rational supplement program is to STOP taking vitamins isolates.

Understanding Vitamin Isolates

Did you know ascorbate ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C. In nature Vitamin C is really a complex

of bioflavonoids. This means that the body does not recognize isolated ascorbic acid as

vitamin C. Stop buying it this way people. So how do you get vitamin C. Mainly in citrus

fruits and and some of your hot peppers. Yes some spicy peppers are high in Vitamin C

complex. Lemon limes oranges grapefruits blue berries black berries are all high in this

bioflavonoid complex. However my top pick for natural vitamin C complex is Camu

Camu. More on Camu Camu in just a bit. Did you know that most Vitamin E is derived

from crude oil. Yes you heard me right. Crude oil. And furthermore its the wrong isomer

of vitamin E. Isomers are simply mirror images of one another. Like your right hand and

left hand. The human body recognizes only one of the isomers. The wrong isomer wonʼt

fit where it belongs. Also the fact remains that Vitamin E is also part of a complex called

tocotrienols. Again mother nature knows best. Eat some organic Avocados and get

natural vitamin E complex. Again isolates of vitamins as sold in most health food stores

is utter junk and is not likely to bestow any health benefit except of that of a placebo effect.

So now we know Step one in the Super Supplement program is to stop taking vitamins.

They donʼt work as advertised and likely can do more harm than good. What the label should read

No Binders
No Fillers
No Excipients
No Preservatives
Plant Derived
No Extenders
No Heavy Metals
No Gluten
No Soy
No Lactose
No Animal Derivatives
No Microbes or Fungi
No Chemicals or Solvents
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Sugar
100% Veggi-Caps ( vegetable Cellulose Capsule)
Sulfite Free


Not produced in a peanut or nut manufacturing facility.

No Mild Whey or Dairy products.

My Top Recommended Supplements

I will write a series of short articles covering each of my top recommended supplements.

The first one as I mentioned is Camu Camu. This is actually a fruit berry which hails

from the Amazon of South America. The berry is cut dried and is ground gently into a

powder form. Are all Camu Camu supplements good for you and made the same. The

answer is NO. Camu Camu can and is subjected to the same nonsense that most

supplements are. It can be heated–BAD. This destroys the light energy and the living

enzymes. It can be mixed with flowing agents and other binders and fillers. It can and

will be sprayed coming across the U.S. border. The only time it is not sprayed with

pesticides is if the company that imports it insists it not be sprayed but hand inspected.

This takes more time and of course more money to do it the right way. It should be

organic. Again does that mean organic until it reaches the U.S. borders. Does the

importing company do their own in house testing to make sure it is safe for sale? How

fresh is the herb. Does it have an expiration date? Not so simple is it ? As far as the

health virtues of Camu Camu we have at our fingertips a virtual powerhouse of

nutrients. This plant is among the top 3 plants that is highest in in the vitaminC/

bioflavonoid complex. This gives it the super property of being a stellar anti-oxidant. In

addition is has many trace minerals. This is because it grows in mineral rich soil. And

because it is a powerful anti-oxidant it has strong anti- cancer and immune boosting

capacities. It has strong anti-inflammatory effects and helps in maintenance and repair

of connective tissues. (ligaments, Tendons) Also known to have an effect on normalizing

blood sugars and research is being conducted to determine its therapeutic effect in

diabetes. Also this seems to have a protective effect on the central nervous system.

Side effects: none noted. Research is still ongoing. The research looks very promising.

Get ye some organic camu camu. It canʼt be beat if you want natural vitamin C.

DrZ Healing is an Art

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