Are Your Vitamins Helping or Hurting You?

This is actually a short extract taken from the  ” How To Develop A Rational Nutritional Supplementation Program” course. Just wanted to give you a taste of what you will find inside. Again as always I must reiterate that unless you have done your homework on how to put together a rational nutritional supplementation program you are very likely doing yourselves great harm. Something that you believe is health is actually having the opposite effect. If you think you can go to the local discount vitamin shop and start buying all the alphabet vitamins (A, B,C, D, E) or head down to the local pharmacy and get a once per day vitamin supplement and actually increase your health status you are sadly mistaken. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But of course I have the good news too. This is the free installment that I wanted everyone to have access to. I will release further paid for installments as part of this course. It has taken years of research to come up with this program. I will take you as far as you want to go with nutritional supplementation. From move to master herbalist and everything in-between. Most of all you have fun doing it and you will become empowered and have less of a chance of being duped into wasting precious money, time and actually devitalizing yourself. It’s  a cold system. We are here. The Game is before us and we have no choice but to play the game with wisdom.


Big Business: Vitamins, Herbs and Nutritional Supplements

Do not be deceived by the hype. Just like big pharmaceutical companies the nutritional supplement companies (sometimes one and the same) are out to make a buck. It’s money driven. It’s not about your health. It’ about the bottom line. This means products produced at the lowest price and sold and the highest price the market will fetch. This is business. It’s about selling you something but there’s a darker side most of us aren’t aware of. Most of us will do tons of research before we buy a house, car, or even a TV set. We read look at the reviews talk to friends, go on the internet to look at consumer reviews and ultimately make an informed decision. Yet with the greatest asset we have ,our health ,we take a very cavalier attitude and make some assumptions about nutrients that have been programmed into us for decades. Again an article on the Hypnosis of Life is forthcoming but assume you have been brainwashed until proven otherwise  If you are supplementing let’s say with vitamin C for example and believe you need this very important nutrient and go and purchase Vitamin C at your local shop what you end up with is Ascorbic Acid or Ascorbate. Some of you have a little more common sense and purchase the buffered ascorbic acid. After all it’s easier on the stomach and better absorbed right? No!! You would be absolutely wrong. I’ll explain why in just a bit. Billions of dollars are being wasted every year on unnecessary nutritional supplements and most of them will harm rather than enhance your nutritional status.

The supplement manufacturers (most of them) don’t care if a particular  supplement will help or harm you. If they meet the minimal manufacturing guidelines and have you convinced you need all the alphabet vitamin isolates and you buy them then mission accomplished. It’s amazing how they pull this off. Then they are allowed to put labels like “natural” on the product which means nothing but sounds good. I’ve just introduced a new term “Vitamin Isolates”. Please pay attention to this term as you read on. Buyer beware because most naturopathic healers don’t understand that even they who have moved to the natural side of health and healing have been duped as well . That’s why it’s imperative that you get some real knowledge about nutritional supplements before it’s too late. Just because things become generally accepted does not mean they are true. For years we were told that “colds” were caused by being out in the rain or cold. ” You’ll get sick if you go out into that cold weather without bundling up” . I always wondered how cold weather would lead to catching a “cold”. The fact is it has nothing to do with getting an upper respiratory infection. A cold is caused by a virus. Technically called a Rhinovirus. This virus infects the nasal cavities and you have the symptoms of a cold. You will actually catch you COLD indoors not outdoors. Cold weather months force people indoors for longer periods and thus the virus can spread easier from person to person. And to make matters worse we are brainwashed to believe that if you want to cure your cold take decongestant pharmaceuticals and load up on the Vitamin C. And now we know the truth that that approach will prolong the symptoms and slow down the bodies natural mechanism to fight this virus.

Your Vitamins are Killing You

Let’s talk about vitamin isolates. This includes any nutritional isolate. Minerals are the new thing along with Omega-3 Fatty acids. All should be considered vitamin isolates and therefore dangerous. “Danger Will Robinson Danger” This is a timely quote from the old TV series Lost In Space. If you’ve never seen it go watch a few episodes. In the series a family is literally  lost in space. They crash land on a strange planet. A silly robot is tasked with the job of protecting the crew especially the youngest of the crew whose name is Will. Anytime the robot sensed something hostile or dangerous, or perceived that Will’s behavior was reckless he would alway shout ” Danger Will Robinson, Danger…” Consider me to be that robot and I’m shouting like the robot “Danger. Treacherous roads lie ahead. Please be careful…” That robot would have a fit if he knew we were consuming vitamin isolates like candy. He’d be going bonkers just like I am. Never fear DrZ is here.

Vitmin C or any vitamin isolate does not exist naturally in nature. Ascorbic acid not exist naturally in nature. Vitamin C actually exists as part of a nutrient plant complex know as bioflavonoids. The body can only deal with the natural bioflavonoids in their natural state which is part of fruits and vegetables. I have read some reports of Vitamin C actually hastening heart disease and am not the least surprised. Most though these reports were fear mongering promoted by the government agencies. I can assure you they were not. Naked or isolated Ascorbic acid was never meant to be consumed by humans. We now know that the body rejects theses isolates, and excretes these foreign substances as soon as possible. When it does get absorbed the cells cannot utilize it for the most part because it does not have the correct key or combination to enter the cell in this state. This is one example. Let’s look at one more.

Vitamin E is also very common. We are told we need a certain dosage of this vitamin measured in IU’s or International Units. We are told our diets are woefully inadequate and we are not getting enough vitamin E.  So off to the local Vitamin shop we go to get out vitamin E and all should be well . No no no!!! Vitamin E sold as an isolate has many of the same problems as vitamin C. It does not exist in naturally in nature as a vitamin isolate. This nutrient is found as part of a complex called Tocotrienols. The body can absorb this when taken in it’s natural form as part of food. Vitamin E can come as an isomer. Without getting too technical. Look and your left and right hand.  This is what an isomer is . However in nature the difference between your left and right hand is huge. The right isomer can enter the cell but the other isomer cannot. They are referred to as D and L isomers. Yet when we take synthetically manufactured Vitamin E we are being given both and mostly without the Tocotrienol complex. To make matters worse one isomer is readily absorbed by the cell and the other actually prevents the good one from getting in. Like a key that has broken off in a lock. Vitamin E is commonly sold as a liquid inside a gel cap. This is usually a Gelatin gel cap. The gelatin is made from Pig hooves. There are some producers that are actually taking crude oil extracts and making vitamin E.

DrZ Does Not Recommend Vitamin Isolates

What do I recommend then? I recommend we get the majority of our vitamins, minerals. and nutrients from real honest to goodness whole organic  food. Mostly uncooked fruits and vegetables. Yes some nuts are allowed but be careful. I’ll be talking about the benefits of a raw food lifestyle in another article. The basis of nutrition has to be gotten from high density nutritive foods. We can then supplement appropriately with truly natural herbs and super foods as necessary. If I wanted to increase Vitamin C I would increase my intake of ripe citrus fruits. I could then take it a step further and get an herb known as Camu Camu. It’s a plant fruit grown in the South American rainforest. It has one the the highest yields of the bioflavonoids on the planet. The body recognizes this nutrient digests, absorbs and then assimilates this at the cellular level. I’ll have more information on Camu Camu as the Nutritional Supplements course develops. For Vitamin E I would increase my intake of organic Avocados.

We have to be informed consumers otherwise we can and will do more harm than good to ourselves in this complicated world. Make sure you are reading the labels. The bullet table bellow is an example of what  should labeled clearly:

  • No Binders
  • No Fillers
  • No Excipients (such as magnesium stearate)
  • No GMO’s
  • No Soy
  • No Gluten
  • Plant Derived and preferable Organic or Wild
  • No Lactose (or Diary in General including Whey)
  • No preservatives or Sulfites
  • No Dead Animal Products
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Pesticide Free
  • No chemicals or Solvents
  • No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Microbes or Fungi
  • Not Manufactured in a Peanut Factory (many are and this tends to cause inflammation)
  • 100% Vegetable Cellulose Capsules (Veggi-Caps)

Some Final Thoughts

The food choices we are being presented with are also under pressure to meet sales quotas. We have an unprecedented exposure to industrial chemical and pesticides in our food supply. Most of us consume dairy which is loaded with chemicals pesticides and hormones and causes chronic inflammatory diseases of all kinds. In fact following the Standard American Diet will get you killed. You won’t die suddenly but your health will slowly deteriorate and you will have to deal with untold suffering. The system can patch you together and keep you alive for a long time before your time comes. But your quality of life will be poor. I don’t plan on dying in an old folks home pissing and crapping on myself dependent on a caretaker before I transition to the other side. I expect my life to be productive right up to the time of my death.

A patient of mine recently came to my outpatient office. She heard me giving a talk on the importance of nutritional supplementation. She went and spend hundreds of dollars on nutritional isolates. “So what do you think Doc?” I replied “please read me the label”. When she was done I told her to please throw the junk away or try to return the unopened portions and get her money back. I referred her to this website and told her to please start reading and looking at the videos. I told her when she was finished I would coach her on how to begin a rational approach to nutritional supplementation. When she comes to visit now we can have some intelligent conversations and she understands the game that is being played. I see her less and less these days. But in my practice that is not uncommon because as always my goal is to teach you to  rely on yourself  and to need less of ME.

Peace, Power , Prosperity and most of all Love to you and your friends and families.