This is a very powerful video. I have attempted to give a basic  understanding of the Metaphysical principles of creation and how it relates to health, healing and  eventual cure. Keep in mind their are courses of study that will be made available in order for you to understand this thoroughly. Understanding Cosmic Light, Sunlight, the light emitted by all living creatures is what drives this beautiful universe. We must understand our true identity in order to rationally proceed down any path of health and healing. Pay attention to light as a clay like substance that when polarized into a positive and negative aspect and manipulated with creative consciousness the physical universe and all the other dimensions of life can manifest. We ourselves are Light Beings (soul beings) taking on a shroud called the body with the Mind as the interface. This allows us to play in the physical drama of life here on planet earth. This is not some New Age mumbo jumbo. This is the oldest true and as such “Old Age” knowledge. In this video blog I try to fit all of the pieces of obtaining optimal Total Life Health and well being. Light is at the core of all healing. Of course I refer to the natural light of the universe and of Nature. Of course synthetically generated light that emanates from light bulbs, computer and Television displays and other forms of electronics can be a source of pollution and negative to the body’s natural energetic.

Keep in mind that the minds of men can be co-opted, distracted and pumped full of misinformation and ultimately controlled through a process of Hypnosis. I refer to it as the hypnosis of Life. None of us has escaped this form of mind control and it’s a difficult task to grasp until you begin the real tangible process of awakening. The body has it’s own energy systems that flow within the physical system. It behoves us to have at least some working knowledge of this energy flow. It is a fundamental part of healing and restoring energy balance. This is why I have had to spend many years of studying Metaphysics which is the true spirituality. The mind when awakened can focus light and bring into manifestation all kinds of healing. Some call them miracles. These are the fundamental principles of Light and consciousness at work to bring about the desired positive result.

I then begin the process of showing how simple healing really is. We have the two polarities of the mind 1. Fear and 2. Love. We have the two polarities of the body 1. Acid and 2. Alkaline. When we learn how to master our emotions and not to suppress them to the point where we are mostly on the Love patterns of mentality and when we can push the body’s physiology more to the alkaline side of chemistry we will always manifest health. Therefore we must observe our negative patterns of thought which have been conditioned by Fear. Fear is the mind killer and Love is the mind builder. Love unleashes creativity and unity, while fear constricts creativity and and destroys the mind and eventually the body as well. Mind and body are intimately connected and negative emotions, negative patterns of thoughts will set up acidic  conditions of chemistry in the body which leads to imbalance and dis-ease. Many of these principles are now being slowly uncovered by mainstream science. This area of study is called quantum physics and will open to doors to all sorts of wonders of creation and the discovery of other vibrational dimensions of existence

It’s my intent to provide you with a foundational background and conceptual framework within which to understand the Simplicity of Health. The video gives a Top- down approach to understanding this framework. Then we can go from the bottoms  up with real wisdom to restore our Health both mental and physical. We must see the big picture first otherwise we are blinded by tunnel vision and cannot get to our true health potential.

Peace, Power, Prosperity , and most of all Love to you and your friends and families.