I have created a 3 part course on dealing with chronic pain. Those who have chronic pain, no matter what the cause suffer in silence and the prevailing medical community offers very little in the way of hope or relief.  What I have discovered that most cases of chronic pain have two common denominators: Toxic Acidosis and Inflammation. We know from the simplicity of health video post that the body is made up of a myriad of bio-chemical processes. All these chemical reactions take place in only two predominant environments. This is refereed to as either acid or alkaline. Click the blue link text to see that video. 

Metabolic Waste

For those of you unfamiliar with the term pH which is how we measure the intensity or strength of an acid or alkaline environment in chemistry, I employe you to take the Basic Human Physiology course. It will simplify this not matter what level of education you have. The body always function in a predominantly alkaline chemistry. That is to say the pH of blood (the fountain of life) is 7.365 or rounded off to 7.4 pH. Anything over 7.o is alkaline and below 7.0 is acid. The blood must be alkaline or you will die quickly. The body is nothing more than groups of specialized cells performing specific functions. During this process it must give off metabolic waste products. 

Just as when we eat food it will go into our mouthes, down the esophagus, into the stomach and intestines. Food is digested, broken down to it can be absorbed and brought to the cells to feed them. When we are through with the digestion of food as it moves throughout the GI tract or intestinal tract it eventually reaches the colon which does some more processing and eventually this material waste of feces is excreted through a bowel movement. (i.e. taking a poop). The cells themselves go through similar process and in the end they do excrete metabolic waste. This waste is acid in its pH and cannot be dumped into the blood stream . Acid waste is eventually picked up by a kind of  circulatory system called the Lymph System. This waste is then primarily eliminated by the Kidneys. 

Chronic Inflammation Equals Chronic Pain

Lets consider we have a lymph system that is not being fully drained and filtered properly. This acid wastes builds up and creates what I call toxic acidosis. Because it is acid it is corrosive. The corrosive effect especially around joints and other sensitive tissues causes tissues to break down. It is akin to your body being on fire from the inside out. The body does have some emergency stop gaps to cope with this build up of waste. However if we are not hydrated and well mineralized and eating a low waste high nutrient  alkaline promoting diet the kidney, glands, digestive tract all go out of balance. We then get a build up of fluid called edema or swelling and calcium and corticosteroids are released. Eventually the body sends in cholesterol as the adrenal glands can no longer compete with this toxic overload. Your house is on fire and the fire department has failed. 

The body’s natural fire department has failed to put out the fires of toxic acidosis and the ensuing inflammation. This eventually is perceived in the affected tissues as pain. Remember if your body does not have natural alkalinizing minerals from the diet it will begin to take these minerals where the body has the highest storage . It takes it from the bones. Thus we have acidosis, inflammation, failure of the fire department, pain and the body’s physiology resorting to putting out the fire with its own natural stores of calcium. 

If you went to a doctor he or she might tell you to take anti-inflammatory drugs and or narcotic based pain medication. For a short time you feel better. You have been relieved from your pain and you believe you are doing better. However the intelligent Healer knows better. This approach to symptom suppression is temporary at best and you have actually made the situation worse. You have given that individual false hope. You have also give this suffering soul more toxins. Which create more toxic acidosis, which in turn creates more inflammation and more pain. Then more pain medications are given and you can probably fill in the rest of this sad story. 

The real culprit has never been addressed. Toxic Acidosis is the real cause of pain. It’s behind most disease processes one way another. The focus has to been on cleansing the body of this waste build up. This process is known as Detoxification. It starts with getting the kidneys filtering, putting the endocrine glands back into balance especially the adrenal glands. This is how you put the fire out and then keep it from ever starting back up. Detoxification is the King of all healing modalities. We cut out all pro-inflammatory foods, and introduce a raw food diet mostly consisting of ripe organic fruits. Grapes, melons, and berries are at the top of the list. We add to this raw food diet, specialized herbs to kickstart the process and together the body is slowly cleansed. Pain abates and all is well. 

Prescription drugs have their place but rarely do they help much with curing chronic pain. Chronic pain is running rampant in this country and the mad scientists are busy writing tons of prescriptions to deal with this problem. This practice will fail because it does not address the cause only the symptoms. Now you know better. By the way the picture above was taken by yours truly, as my family and I fled the great Merrick fires of the Sanfernando Valley some years back. That is my neighborhood but it is no longer my body. Lucky for us the fire department won this battle. Until next time….

Peace, Power. Prosperity and most of all Love to you and your families.