The first tenet of healing is first “DO NO HARM”. As a society we have become complacent, dumbed down, lazy and fat. We have an epidemic of chronic disease infiltrating society. Cancer has now supplanted Heart disease as the number one killer in the USA. It would appear to me that those looking to heal themselves of “disease” have run into a dead end. We have stopped looking for the real cause of disease and have continued down the path of  ‘quick fixes’ which usually means the overuse of synthetic pharmaceutical agents. These chemical substances while useful at times, will cure nothing. This statement should not be taken lightly. It comes from the mind of a healing practitioner who has seen the entire gamut of what the healing arts have to offer. What I’m seeing is an unconscious mass rush to suicide. We are unknowingly, literally killing ourselves. What should be simple has become a deadly maze of complicated self destruction. Very few of us truly know how to traverse the hidden dangers of the Healthcare system. There is no one to blame except ourselves and our lack of  true knowledge of self, and the wisdom to put this knowledge into everyday practice to bring miraculous healing results. 

I’m appalled at the slow suicide of the walking dead. I’m not a pessimist but facts are facts. We are dealing with chronic pain like never before. Especially chronic back pain. We have all sorts of strange chronic neurologic conditions becoming more and more prevalent. Alzheimer’s  disease comes to mind. Diabetes is the underlying factor in so many disease processes, too numerous to list in a short article such as this. Cancer has risen it’s ugly head to be the king of all diseases and a huge money maker for those in the business of managing cancer. We continue to suffer. Perhaps we can live to an older age than or predecessors but what is the quality of that life ? The prevalent medical system of disease management and symptom suppression can hold you together like a living frankenstein but you will suffer greatly and die without dignity in a home filled with other very sick individuals. Not at all what you imagined for yourself? Yet some of you reading this article are living through this nightmare on a daily basis praying for death to come to relieve you of this suffering. 

Who is to blame for this atrocity? The answer can be found by looking squarely in the mirror. The enemy has been found, and it is us. We are our own worst enemies. Our ignorance is taking us down the path of slow suicide. Self destruction would appear to be the order of the day. We are allowing ourselves and our planet to be slowly poisoned to death. Witness the prevalence thousands of industrial toxins, processed foods, synthetic hormones, skin care products, polluted air and water and of course drugs both legal and illegal. We are dying in a toxic soup. We behave as if the Gulf Oil disaster, and the Fukushima Nuclear meltdown never occurred. No longer in the news means it’s no longer an issue. We are being fed genetically modified foods (GMO’s) and the food supply is being sprayed with pesticides which kill the pest and eventually kill you. Chem-trails in the air are as common as the clouds in the skies. Then we run to get help from nutritional supplements which are also synthetic and toxic. Now add the mental emotional component of high stress, dysfunctional relationships, a legal system run amok, divorce rates at an all time high. Fear of terrorism, and never ending war shroud our thoughts as we sleep.  We are experiencing perverse negative patterns of thinking which are clearly fear based and negative. On top of that we are told sunlight causes cancer. If we do go into the sun we have on hats, clothing  covering usually 90 % of our bodies and use sunscreen which is known to cause skin cancer. How can such misinformation be allowed to perpetuate itself? 

We find we have dug ourselves into a snake’s pit. Then we want to feel better in the snake’s pit. Can you throw  me some encouraging words, some toxic food and water and some of those yummy pharmaceuticals? The intelligent man does not want to feel better inside the snake’s pit. He wants out of the snake pit altogether and now. He seeks out solutions to permanently fix the problem, not to feel good about the problem. This is the prevailing consciousness of most individuals today. The few who have awakened  can also do themselves harm if they don’t have the tools and resources necessary to climb out of the ” snake’s pit” of sickness and disease. Remember that most naturopathic healers and physicians,  still have no idea of how to truly cure disease. That’s because they have not understood the fundamental basis of what causes “true health” and well being in the first place. They have not understood the “illusion of disease”. We continue to run down the path to chase down a disease and its symptoms. We must stop the insanity of killing ourselves, and go down the path of identity discovery, understanding energy vibration and frequency, genetics, detoxification and the highest form of eating man can aspire to . We will dig deeper into these subjects in subsequent articles and courses. Wake up, stop killing yourselves and become knowledgable and ultimately wise. Don’t fool yourselves, the Matrix has you firmly locked into the Hypnosis of Life. It’s time to make a change NOW !!

Peace Power Prosperity and Most of all Love to you and your families. 


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