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You Can’t Handle The Truth

Peace, Power, Prosperity and Love… Hello everyone my name is Alvin Mahoney MD. All that know me closely call me DrZ. So what happened to Dr. Mahoney? I assure you I am still here alive, well and thriving. . Who is DrZ?  Let me explain. I believe YOU can handle the truth. 

I graduated Howard University with a Major in Zoology and minor in Chemistry. As facts have it I had the second highest grade point average (GPA) in that major second only to my study partner.  Not bad. I was a kid from New York City but never liked the concrete jungle. I was actually a city boy with a “country” state of mind. Always  loving the summer camps that took me into nature, the mountains, the fresh, air, magnetic lakes and the majestic beauty  of Nature

 Going to another metropolis in our nations capitol of Washington D.C. was not a high priority. I wanted to go to school very close to nature and away from the hustle an bustle of urban life. I applied to the University of Florida but for some strange reason received their acceptance letter late in the summer, after having made plans to go to D.C. So off I went. I was dropped off in the middle of the campus, my family said “goodbye” and there I was. It was serious business and I knew this was no joke. It was sink or swim time. 

The Trauma of Medical Training

I’m extremely competitive by nature and was, and still am athlete as well. My Love for basketball goes on even today. Needless to say that competitive nature served me well. I wanted to go to medical school. I knew it was highly competitive to be accepted into any accredited Medical School. In the end I got in and started my career as a student doctor in training, after completing four years of undergraduate work. I completed my medical training and went to USC’s (Southern California) internship and residency program. I specialized in neuro-psychiatry. 

By time I completed my internship I had experienced the most  grueling training I can imagine. Yes, this was not even comparable to undergraduate work. It was a complete sacrifice, very traumatic with extensively long days and nights with little sleep. At the end of my internship at USC I was completely burned out.

I remember that summer I had not seen real sunlight for 3 months. I slept at the hospital dorm rooms for the entire year and began to question this type of training. Only the strong survived. It was training but it was more of a marathon so the weak could be weeded out. The ordeal of undergraduate work, medical school and specialty training was 12 years. I still didn’t know “jack” about real healing but i did have the fundamentals in place that I would sorely need later as I evolved into a Master Student of the Healing Arts

Becoming DrZ

I sat with a few of my friends at the end of internship in June of 1986 and at that time I decided to rename myself. It was a symbolic way to reclaim my identity and I guess in a way to rebel against the system of medical training. I was in no way the same person who had left New York 9 years previously. The name I choose came to me intuitively. It has no country of origin. It has no religious connotations. It was not given to me by a spiritual guru. It has no special meaning except to myself. The name I choose was Zaiel. To me it means freedom of mind to operate without conditioned expectations. This grueling experience actually awakened me from my mental sleep and slumber. It was very sobering because I did not suspect I was asleep. My friends associates now refer to me simply as  DrZ. 

I went on to complete my Neuro-psychiatric training and went into private practice. I worked a short stent with the National Basketball Association’s rookie drug rehab program. At he same time working at the smaller community hospitals. During that time I read everything on Naturopathic healing, integrative and holistic medicine, and even enrolled into three schools of Metaphysics. I slowly understood what works to get someone well. I painfully realized that “natural” healing had some major flaws in its philosophy and application as well. After 35 years I took from each system of healing what works and tossed the rest. 

Why This Site? How Can It Help Me?

This site was actually started for two main reasons. The first reason was to act as an interface between myself and my patients. To help them get educated and thus accelerate their pace of getting well. It made my job a lot easier to send them to a website and then use their visits with me to reinforce the healing knowledge they were learning. The second was I went on a radio show and did 6 full hours. I got a tremendous outcry to put up a fully functioning website with the sole purpose of educating anyone who had significant health challenges. Thus this website was born. In fact it was put together with my own two hands. No one else could write content for this site. And try as I wanted nobody could design the type of site I wanted. It’s still a work in progress but it will  suffice for now.

I’ve put together plenty of free material in the form of article posts, and educational videos. I’ve now created some Courses of Study that I do charge a small amount for. And for those of you who have looked at the sidebar where it situates get your “Free Report”, this is not a free PDF for download. It is a full on introductory course called the “Ten Elements of Health” It is a video with me teaching you the ten most important elements  that you need to be aware of in order to balance, harmonize , energize and ultimately heal yourself. I’ll say it again your “free Report is a full on course and it’s absolutely free. It’s your reward for reading this far. It will systematically present the fundamentals you need to know so we can communicate on a level playing field. 

After you take the Ten Elements of Health course you will absolutely need to take the basic Human Physiology course. It’ a must and I’ve made it as affordable as I could. I don’t care if you know nothing about human physiology or are an accomplished Healer. Everyone should take this course. I’ve made it simple and easy to understand. Remember I teach conceptual frameworks first and then put forth the information you need to convert it to actionable knowledge which I call wisdom.  If you don’t  know what I mean by conceptual frameworks , don’t worry you will after you have taken these two video courses. They are the foundational courses which are the keys to unlocking the rest of this website.

If you need to lose weight, deal with chronic pain, have mental imbalances we have it covered. Looking to achieve your maximal health potential. It’s covered. Want to deal with slowing down the aging process, halt degenerative diseases and rebuild and regenerate tissue. It’s covered. Diagnosed with a devastating disease ? Aren’t sure what to do? It’s covered. Never let anyone take away your hope. Once you understand the root causes of these problems you will know that you have a fighting chance to fully recover. Remember personal coaching is available and personally designed written courses of action are available.  Keep mind in the end it will be YOU who becomes the Master Student of The Healing Arts….

DrZ wishes you all Peace, Power , Prosperity and most of all Love to you and your families.