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The Fight Against Ignorance

We the human species have come to an important crossroad in our development, and in the philosophies which guide important decision regarding our health. I am referring to Total Life Health, which covers the mental, emotional physical and spiritual aspects of true wellness. What we are witnessing in these unprecedented times is a fight between two systems of Healing. On one side we are presented with a system of  disease management and symptom suppression. This system of healing is relatively new and is referred to as Modern Allopathic Medicine. This is the system of “healthcare” that most of us are familiar with. On the other side is the system of traditional Naturopathic Healing which is now grasping the conscious awareness of the masses as we awaken from the Hypnosis Of Life. One is a system of disease management and the other is a system which goes after the fundamental cure.

Many of us are applauding the return to rational thinking and the movement towards natural holistic methods of healing. True to the  human pattern of thinking we condemn modern medicine and perceive it to be a monstrosity of destructive forces that cannot truly heal anything. We must have a bad guy to blame and a good guy to save us. We’ve found our savior. But hold on for a moment because as we’ll discover all is not well with the so called “natural methods of healing. There is a dark side to both systems and very few know how to truly navigate this complicated maze of health and healing.

Stop Killing Yourself

Lack of Knowledge of what is truly transpiring within the Healing Arts, will without a doubt cause you to harm yourselves or allow others to harm you.. Most of us at this moment are doing great harm to our physical and mental heath. Most of you are  unaware of  how or why you are actually killing yourselves. This has become a complicated world that would seem to have us boxed in. Thus we see the rise to the top of the disease chain of Cancer and Heart Disease. We are witnessing a slow poisoning of not just ourselves but the entire globe we call planet Earth. This is akin to slow suicide. My contention is that all systems of healing will take advantage of your ignorance if you are not committed to discovering what really works to establish vibrant health, energy, peaceful inner calm and to unleash the powerful creative beings we truly are so we can live our dreams and pursue our passions.

The Real Cure

Are you tired of being taken advantage of by a super complicated healthcare system ? Are you ready to wake up and take personal responsibility for your own health and ultimately learn how to be your own healer and to stop relying on the so called authorities to dictate what we must do to be healthy ? This is an urgent warning. I’m not trying to fear monger or talk of government conspiracies. I’m not here to talk about population control. There are many out there doing a good job at pointing out these issues. I’m here to educate you as to what consistently works to cure most if not all disease and  to show you how to empower yourself.. I’m here as a healing guide, a Health Ambassador, and as an educator. I’m here to make sure you understand the real principles of true health or Total Life Health. If your’e willing to put in some time and effort I think you’ll find the information here powerful and transformative. The Journey begins now. We have no time to waste. It is time to wake up…. Now!!

DrZ wishes all Peace, Power, Prosperity, and most of all Love to you and your families. 


Healing Is An Art

Health Is Your Responsibility

    Can You Answer The Following Questions ?

  • What is the difference between therapeutic intervention and curative intervention ?
  • What is the difference between Allopathic medicine and Naturopathic Medicine ?
  • What’s the most effective way to Lose Weight and Keep it off ?
  • What would you do if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer ?
  • Are you familiar with the following systems of Healing : Allopathy, Naturopathy, Energy Healing, Acupuncture and Acupressure, therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue massage, Reiki Healing methods, Herbal medicine, Raw Food Lifestyle, Vegetarianism, South Beach diet, Paleolithic diet, Mediterranean Diet, therapeutic breathing , Kinesiology, Chiropractic Manipulation, Full body detoxification, osteopathic medicine.
  • What is the most destructive emotion that destroys  human health
  • Are you aware of the most effective way to restore emotional balance
  • What is the King of All Healing Interventions ?
  • Do you know how to create a program of Nutritional supplementation that will not harm you ?
  • Are you aware of the Major sources of Environmental Toxins and their effect on human health ?
  • Do You know how to do a Full Body Detoxification without harming yourself ?
  • Do you know what the highest form of eating man can aspire to ?
  • Do you Understand the importance of Sunlight when dealing with curing disease ?
  • Do you understand how Metaphysical principles are deeply involved in health and healing?
  • Are You confused about the complicated maze of  choices you will have to make to achieve your full health potential ?
  • Do you know the number one Key to Happiness ?
  • Do You have some basic understanding of Human Physiology ?

Don’t worry if you are unable to answer any  of these questions. The good news is that most of the information you need to make informed decisions about healing your minds and body are fairly simple to understand. You can in fact learn how to be your own healer in a short time. The goal is to arm yourself with potent knowledge inside a conceptual framework that simplifies everything. I teach that conceptual  framework. Once you have the basic knowledge then you can begin to take action to consistently achieve positive healing results. This is Wisdom. Taking action before having this wisdom will lead to self harm. So be patient and take the time to learn. We have videos, articles and Course Studies. You’ll be amazed at the end results.